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MOMologues is an ongoing project with many self-identifying mothers as contributors and collaborators. Learn more here.

Built to Push is a public performance work that gives acknowledgment to mothers in public by thanking them for their service and gifting art prints.

The Bait & Tassels Burlesque Troupe performed from 2012-2014 in Homer, Alaska.  The burlesque troupe found inspiration in humor, body-positivity, narrative and individuality.


The success of the Bait & Tassels came from the supportive, collaborative practice and an enthusiastic community network.  During the two years, the nineteen performances donated just over $12,000 for local non-profits in Homer.  The troupe also awarded eleven performers scholarships to attended Burly-Con, and participate in dance and marketing workshops outside the state of Alaska.

There are no future performances scheduled at this time.

Bait & Tassels Facebook Page

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